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08 December 2011 @ 04:38 pm
cartoon of the week  
My last cartoon for the school paper:

I had absolutely no idea what to draw this week, so I used my fallback based on one I saw in The New Yorker. The idea is that every single cartoon will make somebody mad. I was surprised that even my most benign images got negative flak. Like, my Halloween one about a college kid trick-or-treating so he wouldn't have to buy groceries---someone on tumblr commented that it wasn't funny because there are homeless people who really do that on Halloween. Or last week, someone interpreted my stab at Congress as making fun of fat kids. Oi vey.

Although I'm glad to be done with my job as a cartoonist, I'm grateful I had the opportunity to do it. I made a little money, I got published, and most of all I got to do drawings that challenged me as an artist (not counting this one). It was a positive experience but one I probably wouldn't repeat because staying up-to-date on news so I can make fun of it is really not my thing.

AND YET I have to rant about Perry's latest campaign ad that is making everyone on the internet cranky. I don't remember the wording exactly but it's something like: "I am proud to be a Christian. It is so sad that gays can serve in the military but our kids can't celebrate Christmas or pray in schools. Elect me and I'll end Obama's war on religion." What the crap. There are so many things wrong with so few sentences. First: Obama is not at war with religion. Just because he doesn't publish ads about how much he loves Jesus does not make him a tyrannical Muslim socialist dictator (as most of my Republican relatives have proclaimed they believe he is). Second: prayer in schools had been gone for a LONG time before the current president. Third: you don't have to pray out loud to pray. Your kids can go to school and pray quietly all the day long and no one will care. And you know what? If they sat down in the cafeteria and said a prayer on their lunch, nobody would care. No administrator or police would come arrest them for praying. We have a little thing in this country called freedom of religion that some people like to forget about. Just because public, out-loud prayer is not mandatory in schools anymore doesn't mean it is absent. Third: Really? You're going to proclaim children aren't allowed to openly celebrate Christmas in school? I want to know what school he's talking about, because everyone I've heard of has holiday class parties, Santa Hat Day, Christmas cookies in the cafeteria, Christmas dances, all of that. School endorsed. That's not the "Christian" Christmas sure because schools don't park a nativity set out on the front lawn or anything, but how many self-proclaimed "Christians" are much better than egg nog and presents and Santa hats? Fourth: don't even get me STARTED on spreading homophobia within Republicanism. I hate that in this country Christianity automatically equals gay-hating bigotry.

I saw a post on tumblr about flagging the video as inappropriate on youtube because of sexual discrimination, and when I went to go do it the video had several hundred thousand dislikes and maybe only five thousand likes. That made me feel good inside. If five thousand people want a president who hates gays and whines about no mandatory prayer in schools, it's good to know that they'll be outvoted. I'm so glad I'll be out of the country in the heat of the 2012 election.
Current Mood: annoyed
Isabelle Melançonsecondlina on December 9th, 2011 04:53 am (UTC)
...Urgh. Gotta love extremists of every kind...
CROMAGNONcromagnon on December 9th, 2011 11:49 pm (UTC)
i run boilers in a nyc public school and there is a list of things you can and can not have in the building, we had a harvest dance this year, not halloween parites... all parties are holdiay parties here, santa is taboo, so is mennorahs, christmas trees and the words christmas and chanukka... while i am the least religious person most people will find, i have to wonder when freedom of religion became protection from religion as not to offend anyone elses sensibilities... political correctness offends me, i guess